About Me

          Time 4 Health​y Living, LLC

As a Transformational Life Coach, I empower individuals and groups to improve their health and life through mindset and lasting habit change.    I have a passion for helping people get "shit" done and achieving their goals.   ​

I was working in corporate america with a lot of travel and a hectic lifestyle, when I woke up one day that I was overweight, tired and incredible ill.    This set me on the path to heal myself, find out how to teach others and developed a system that I use today to help others achieve health and life goals.

My vision is to teach individuals how to reach their full potential, achieve peak performance, and be the best version of themselves.     And have FUN doing it!   

I have certifications in Health, Life, and Transformational Coaching...    Interested in learning more about Transformational coaching?     Contact me!

Lee Guthrie

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